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Lehigh County Reverses Voter Registration Trend!
Lehigh County Reverses Voter Registration Trend!

After three consecutive years of the Democratic Party outpacing the Republican Party in voter registrations, the Lehigh County Republican Committee is proud to announce that 344 more Republicans were registered to vote than Democrats in the past month. This marks the second consecutive month that Republicans have outpaced Democrats in this regard, and is an incredible turnaround considering Democrats outpaced Republicans by nearly 400 voter registrations as recently as May, 1,400 in the month of March, and 1,928 last year.

This is a testament to the hard work of many, including Scott Presler, Trump Victory, and Committee members under previous Chairman Giovanni Landi and newly elected Chairman Glenn Eckhart. The Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen. However, our work is not done yet. The Committee is planning an aggressive voter registration drive up to the October 19th deadline starting this Tuesday, September 22nd, where we will be having a tent set up at the corner of Route 309 and 124 E Fairmount St in Coopersburg at Living Memorial Park from 3-6 PM. It is a new day in Lehigh County, and the new leadership team under Chairman Eckhart will continue to make the Committee stronger than ever before!

LCRC Statement on Lehigh Valley Mall Shooting
LCRC Statement on Lehigh Valley Mall Shooting

Official Lehigh County Republican Committee Statement on Saturday's Lehigh Valley Mall Shooting:

Around 5 p.m. Saturday, multiple shots were fired near the vacant former Modell’s Sporting Goods on the lower level of the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall. No one has yet been arrested, but thankfully there were no injuries. According to The Morning Call, an eyewitness was “surprised and relieved at how quick the police came”. The Committee would like to thank the Whitehall Township Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, and other surrounding municipal Police Departments for their quick response, and we hope that the shooter is quickly arrested and prosecuted.

Let this incident serve as a reminder that we need to support our brave Law Enforcement officers, not defund and abolish them as many in the Democratic Party now seek to do. This is also the third incident in the last two years involving armed criminals at the Lehigh Valley Mall. In February, there was an armed robbery and assault in the parking lot, and in June 2018 rival gang members turned the mall into a battleground in a gunfight that left two men hospitalized. Sadly, in Democrat run cities like Allentown and Whitehall, it is not even safe enough to go shopping at the mall. This is unacceptable, we need law and order. If you are concerned about crime and your personal safety, it is imperative that you vote Republican on November 3rd!


The LCRC in conjunction with the 9-12 Project of the Lehigh Valley, (and various other Republican groups) is excited to present a very special (free) RALLY this Sunday 5PM @ Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays with former Ambassador and Trump Cabinet Member (DNI) Richard Grenell! Other guest speakers include Heather Heidelbaugh for Attorney General, Lisa Scheller, and more!


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Susan Wild Defunding Police
Susan Wild Defunding Police

Police officers are a vital part of keeping our communities safe. I fully support common sense reforms that revise detention procedures and equip our police force with the tools necessary to perform at the high level that we as a community expect. However, defunding the police is not the answer. But, it would appear Susan Wild disagrees.

Posted by Lisa Scheller on Thursday, August 6, 2020

Police officers are a vital part of keeping our communities safe. Lisa Scheller fully supports common sense reforms that revise detention procedures and equip our police force with the tools necessary to perform at the high level that we as a community expect. However, defunding the police is not the answer. But, it would appear Susan Wild disagrees.
Democrat Think Tank Supporting Susan Wild Demands Illegal Alien Stimulus Checks In Next Coronavirus Relief Bill

Susan Wild (D-PA) Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

The Soros funded Democrat think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), has introduced a massive wish-list for the next coronavirus relief bill, which they say should cost more than the previous $2.2 trillion package signed by President Trump last month.

Among CAP’s wishes are stimulus checks for illegal aliens, increased abortion funding, minimum wage hikes, mail-in voting provisions, universal housing, releasing massive amounts of imprisoned criminals and a national disease surveillance program.

Looking at the Democrats list of demands for the next coronavirus relief, bill it’s hard not to remember the old Democrat adage of ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’.

Representative Susan wild (D-PA) is linked to CAP in multiple ways. CAP has publicly thrown their support behind Wild and her Congressional staff is widely composed of former and current CAP members.

CAP is demanding that stimulus payments in the next round of legislation must include: “undocumented individuals and mixed-status families where even just one parent is filing their taxes with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and the other parent and all children have an SSN.”

CAP also wants any upcoming coronavirus relief bill to: “protect and expand access to reproductive health care,” particularly abortion. Their plan states that:

Reproductive health care is essential health care. Congress must act to expand access to reproductive health services, including abortion and contraception, especially given the unknowns about how pregnancy intersects with the coronavirus.

CAP is also calling for an increase to the minimum wage in the next coronavirus relief bill, stating that those defined as essential worked get paid a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour and that they have the ability to join a union.

Representative Susan Wild (D-PA) has supported minimum wage hikes despite warnings from expert economists that such policies would lead to disastrous economic consequences. Such as hurting small businesses, increased unemployment and higher costs of living for the working poor and those living in minority communities, and forcing businesses towards automation, leading to massive layoffs and shipping American jobs overseas.


Is Susan Wild going to support the radical demands of The Center for American Progress?

Call her office and tell her to fight for American citizens and say NO to stimulus checks for illegal aliens!

Susan Wild’s Lehigh County Office:
840 Hamilton St
Suite 303, Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 484-781-6000 
Fax: 1-877-347-4103
Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM

Tell Susan Wild that any coronavirus relief bill should NEVER include abortion funding!

Help Defeat Democrat Susan Wild, Take Back The House & Support President Trump’s Agenda!

Contribute $5 To The Lehigh GOP Victory Fund Today!

Rep. Susan Wild criticized for ‘lackluster’ response to Coronavirus crisis

Lehigh Valley business owners feel neglected by Rep. Susan Wild in her lackluster response to COVID-19 and its impact on the local economy.

Susan Wild has been eerily quiet since the announcement from Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) that all non essential businesses shut down “indefinitely”. Since the announcement, Wild has not held any telephone town halls and has many business owners wondering if she is doing anything to help them during the unprecedented state-wide shut down.

Rep. Wild was quick to applaud Governor Tom Wolf’s decision to mandate that all ‘non essential businesses close’ on her Social Media pages. Lacking from her Social Media pages and website was any detailed plan or statement about how those businesses would be helped in order to survive the indefinite shut down. Wild failed to introduce any legislation or advocate for any type of policy that would have given business owners peace of mind before she quickly announced her support for Governor Wolf’s mandate.

We examined Wild’s website for any information as to her standing on the Coronavirus relief bill being proposed by the Senate which would give small businesses across the country the help and support they need in order to remain solvent through this crisis, which many experts believe could be last until May. We could not find anything on her website that had to do with the current proposed bill.

Along with zero information regarding her stance on the Senate bill, there is also currently zero information regarding Rep. Wild’s stance on Nancy Pelosi’s pork-barrel spending bill in the House, which allocates billions of dollars for programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus crisis. In fact, we couldn’t find a statement or even a single sentence that discussed what she is currently working on in the House. Why is Rep. Wild refusing to make any announcements regarding plans to help deliver much needed relief to Lehigh Valley businesses, workers and families?

Could it be that Rep. Wild is allowing partisan politics to stand in the way of stepping up in the way that her constituents deserve? It is becoming abundantly clear that Lehigh County and the entire 7th District is suffering through this crisis because of a do-nothing Democrat Congresswoman. The people of PA-7 deserve someone who will fight for them and do what it takes to put politics aside, stand up to the establishment and get the job done.

Call Susan Wild and tell her you want results, not just words.
Rep. Susan Wild’s Lehigh County office: (484) 781-6000

Latino's For Trump
Latino Republicans of Lehigh County Launches

Latino Republicans of Lehigh County Launches

Latino Republicans of Lehigh County officially launches in Allentown Pennsylvania.

“Democrats don’t own us” is their slogan according to the new group, Latino Republicans of Lehigh County. The new political group focused on attracting more Latino support in Lehigh County, mainly the city of Allentown says that Democrat’s have failed them over decades of being in power. Their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages focus on the many failures of Democrat politicians to improve the lives of Latino American’s despite what they call ‘endless promises’ from Democrats.


The group is also clear about it’s support for President Donald J. Trump who they say has fulfilled his promises to their community. Looking at the numbers, they aren’t wrong. Despite the main stream medias attempts to cover up President Trumps achievements, it’s indisputable that Trumps policies are working for all Americans, especially Latino’s. 


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanic and Latino unemployment has hit the lowest point ever during Trumps Presidency at 3.9% (Sept. 2019) and currently sits at 4.2%. During the Obama administration Hispanic and Latino unemployment hit near records highs. For example, in August of 2009 Hispanic and Latino Unemployment was 13%. The number never fell below 6% during Obama’s time in office. Donald Trumps unemployment numbers speak for themselves and when compared to Obama’s numbers, its clear that policies matter. 

With Hispanic and Latino unemployment hitting record lows, its no wonder why groups like Latino Republicans of Lehigh County are popping up all over the country. Their social media presence is also surging, garnering hundreds of followers on various pages in only a few short days.

Latino Republicans say that Trump is not only fulfilling his promises with regards to the economy, but also crime, education and other important issues.


You can follow Latino Republicans of Lehigh County on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Join the movement today and find out why, Democrats don’t own us!