Rep. Susan Wild criticized for ‘lackluster’ response to Coronavirus crisis

Lehigh Valley business owners feel neglected by Rep. Susan Wild in her lackluster response to COVID-19 and its impact on the local economy.

Susan Wild has been eerily quiet since the announcement from Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) that all non essential businesses shut down “indefinitely”. Since the announcement, Wild has not held any telephone town halls and has many business owners wondering if she is doing anything to help them during the unprecedented state-wide shut down.

Rep. Wild was quick to applaud Governor Tom Wolf’s decision to mandate that all ‘non essential businesses close’ on her Social Media pages. Lacking from her Social Media pages and website was any detailed plan or statement about how those businesses would be helped in order to survive the indefinite shut down. Wild failed to introduce any legislation or advocate for any type of policy that would have given business owners peace of mind before she quickly announced her support for Governor Wolf’s mandate.

We examined Wild’s website for any information as to her standing on the Coronavirus relief bill being proposed by the Senate which would give small businesses across the country the help and support they need in order to remain solvent through this crisis, which many experts believe could be last until May. We could not find anything on her website that had to do with the current proposed bill.

Along with zero information regarding her stance on the Senate bill, there is also currently zero information regarding Rep. Wild’s stance on Nancy Pelosi’s pork-barrel spending bill in the House, which allocates billions of dollars for programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the Coronavirus crisis. In fact, we couldn’t find a statement or even a single sentence that discussed what she is currently working on in the House. Why is Rep. Wild refusing to make any announcements regarding plans to help deliver much needed relief to Lehigh Valley businesses, workers and families?

Could it be that Rep. Wild is allowing partisan politics to stand in the way of stepping up in the way that her constituents deserve? It is becoming abundantly clear that Lehigh County and the entire 7th District is suffering through this crisis because of a do-nothing Democrat Congresswoman. The people of PA-7 deserve someone who will fight for them and do what it takes to put politics aside, stand up to the establishment and get the job done.

Call Susan Wild and tell her you want results, not just words.
Rep. Susan Wild’s Lehigh County office: (484) 781-6000

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