February, 2021

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New Office Hours for petitioning period at our Lehigh GOP headquarters

Our office is located at 121 N Cedar Crest Blvd. The new hours during the petitioning period are:


TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 8am – 4pm 

FRIDAY: 12pm – 5pm

SATURDAY:  8am – 12pm

SUNDAY: 1pm – 5pm

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Press Release: The following statement is issued on behalf of LCRC Chairman, Glenn Eckhart regarding the U.S. Senate’s Acquittal of President Trump

Allentown, PA — The post-presidency impeachment proceedings were unconstitutional and disgustingly partisan. These proceedings did nothing to unify or help the American people and only goes to show the radical agenda of a Democrat controlled government. Instead of focusing on helping the Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic, the Democrats have chosen to divide our country yet again. 

Alongside many others in our committee, I share the disappointment in Senator Toomey’s vote during these proceedings. Despite the Senator’s vote, our constitution prevailed with a vote for acquittal. 

I hope we can turn our attention to reopening our schools, creating jobs, and fixing our broken election system. Electing Republican candidates at every level from PA Supreme Court to School Board will help make that happen in 2021. We are asking all Republicans to come together and let’s get to work.

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PA Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Congresswoman Lauren Bobert, PAGOP Chairman Tabas and Lisa Scheller to headline Lincoln Day Speakers List

On Saturday, February 27th, the Lehigh County Republican Committee will be hosting its Annual Lincoln Day Breakfast at the Iron Lakes Country Club in Allentown. With PA State Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert,  PA GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas, and PA State Committeewoman Lisa Scheller. Get your tickets today on the contribution tab on our website.

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LCRC Chairman Glenn Eckhart unveils brand new Chairman’s Club

As of January 28th, 2021 the Lehigh County Republican Committee has a Chairman’s Club. The Chairman’s Club is designed to deliver the financial support and advice necessary for us to be successful in local elections this year and to provide us with a way to recognize those who help make that happen. The Chairman’s Club is a donation-based membership group and your participation will enable our Republican Party in Lehigh County to:

• Help elect Republican candidates at the local level who will uphold our party’s values.
• Support our efforts to spread our party’s positive message.

You can become a member of the Chairman’s Club by making a one-time annual donation or by scheduling recurring auto-payments for your desired level of membership for ten consecutive months (February 2021 through November 2021). We plan to use all the money raised by membership in the Chairman’s Club to help pay for the technology, staffing, mailers, slate cards
and other items needed to help get our Republican candidates elected at the local level and to promote the Republican party. All income and expenses associated with the Chairman’s Club will be reflected in a separate report prepared by the Committee’s Treasurer and that report will be
provided to all Chairman’s Club members quarterly.

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Lehigh County GOP Set To Launch Team R.E.D

The Lehigh County Republican Committee is set to launch their brand new initiative “Team R.E.D” at the annual Lincoln Day Breakfast on Saturday February 27th 2021. The LCRC finalized the plans to launch “Team R.E.D” after a strategy meeting with several candidates. Executive Director Robert Arena states “This will be a huge step forward for our Republican party and at the end, the constituents of Lehigh county will finally get the elected officials they need in county government.”

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