Thank you for visiting the Lehigh County Republican Party. We are proud to be Lehigh County’s voice for Republican principles and ideals. 

We are at a crucial moment in our nations history. Not only for the fact that we have the opportunity to reelect one of the greatest and most accomplished President’s our Country has ever had, but also for the fact that we are in the midst of an important culture war that will determine the fate of our nation forever – regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat wins in November. 

This culture war that we are fighting is one of Capitalism vs. Socialism. Some would call it, Good vs. Evil. 

On one side you have the entire Democrat Party promoting the failed economic system of Socialism – which is responsible for more deaths and economic destruction throughout time and across so many nations world-wide. On the other side you have Republicans and Patriots all across the country making the case for Capitalism – the economic system that has lifted more people and entire nations out of poverty world-wide than any other.

This culture war involves all of us and the time for strength, unity and determination in all that we do is upon us. Our Party has to be unified, strong and determined in order to win. Our enemy is strong, fierce and determined to win by tearing our country apart and pinning neighbor against neighbor on the basis of social class, skin color, gender and sexual orientation. Our enemy not only knows the power of divide and conquer – they thrive off of it. Our enemy is the Democrat Party and all that they stand for. Whether it’s Socialism, open borders, late term and even after birth abortions, high taxes and the disintegration of pride in the American spirit, Democrats are on the war path. This battle is not just on a national level – its also local. It’s more important now than ever for you to get involved and contribute to the Lehigh County Republican Party. Together we can stop the stampede of Radical Socialist Democrats from instituting their failed policies right here at home.

Socialist Democrats and the Liberal Fake News Media are working hand-in-hand to try and diminish all of the wonderful accomplishments of President Trump. The fact of the matter is, our movement isn’t just up against the National Fake News Media, we’re up against a very biased and unfair local Fake News Media as well. By contributing just $5 today you are ensuring that President Trumps record of success and accomplishment is delivered to the people of Lehigh County through the messaging of the Lehigh County Republican Party.

I certainly hope you will join our movement by contributing today. All it takes is just $5 to ensure that Republicans win in Lehigh County. By doing so, we can take back the House, keep the Senate and reelect President Trump. But it all starts with grassroots patriots like you doing their part to keep the movement going.

In Liberty,
Thomas McDonald
Secretary and Director of Communications

Lehigh County is going to play a crucial role in reelecting President Trump! That’s why it’s important for you to be active on Social Media. If you are concerned about the growing threat of Socialism being promoted by the Democrat Party then you NEED to be on Social Media which is the battleground of the culture war against Socialism and other failed liberal ideologies.

Lehigh County Republican Party is determined to not only reelect President Trump but also help take back the House by throwing out Socialist Democrat Susan Wild. Wild has been a total disaster for the people of Lehigh County. She has invested more time and effort into the Democrats impeachment scam than she has into the lives and betterment of her constituents. In Wild’s short time in office she has become known by many as “Pelosi’s Puppet”. While she refused to clap during President Trumps amazing State of the Union Address, she gave Nancy Pelosi a standing ovation for ripping up the President’s speech. She needs to go – and with your help we can make that happen. Contributing just $50, $25, or $5 today, ensures that our movement has the ability to continue pushing forward.

Lehigh County Republicans have a lot to be proud about with our field of candidates to replace Susan Wild. The Lehigh County Republican Committee is ready to do everything we can to support whomever the voters choose to go head to head against Socialist Susan Wild. But the Committee needs your help. 

Did you know that you can influence the election from your computer or smart phone? You don’t need to be a political savvy person to influence the election and help elect Conservative Republicans in Lehigh County and across the country. 

Sharing, liking and commenting on our Social Media posts will help us reach more people than you could imagine. So far our numbers have been phenomenal! Because of active Patriots on our Facebook and Twitter pages we are reaching more and more people every single week.

Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gives you the power to fight back against the Liberal Media and the constant barrage of Fake News that plagues our community. You have the power to control the narrative. Now is the time to fight back against the Democrats and their friends in the Liberal Fake News Media.

In Liberty,
Thomas McDonald 
Secretary and Director of Communications 

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