2019 Candidates Intro

In 2018, Lehigh County Executive Philips Armstrong proposed a per vehicle fee for residents of Lehigh County. The Executive wanted to then have local municipalities apply for these funds, through matching grants, to perform infrastructure improvements. However, infrastructure included parks and walking trails. In addition, there was no guarantee the money would be distributed equally, so a municipality may receive more money than it contributed. This means you may pay your fees to fund a walking trail in another part of the Lehigh County, while your local roads remain in a state of disrepair.

Please read this article from the Morning Call to see the views of each candidate. Then please read the additional information below about our candidates. Our Republican candidates will oppose these fees

This year’s election is extremely important. Local elections have the greatest impact on our day to day lives, and with voter turnout typically low for local elections, your vote is extremely important. Our incumbent Republicans have done great work for us on the local level. Let’s help them continue this work by reelecting them and providing the support they need to continue to fight for us. Below is just a small list of the successes they have given us.

I am asking for your support, and your VOTE to Reelect County Commissioners Marty Nothstein and Brad Osborne, and elect Antonio Pineda and Dennis Nemes.

·       Republican Commissioners have cut property taxes 3 out of past 6 years, without cutting a single service.

·       Each year has ended with a budget surplus.

·       Rejected the County Executive’s plan to charge you a yearly fee for every car you own.

·       Vetoed the County Executive’s attempt to increase property taxes 3.79%.

District Attorney Jim Martin has:

·       Implemented an Elder Abuse task force to investigate crimes against the elderly.

·       Started a Veterans’ Mentoring Program for veterans charged with non-violent crimes.

Sheriff Joe Hanna has:

·       Promoted enhanced training for supervisors and deputies in various areas of law enforcement.

·       Realigned divisions within the office, enhancing productivity.

·       Created a Community Outreach Program with deputies encouraged to engage with the community.

Lehigh County Controller Glenn Eckhart:

·       Believes in honesty, transparency, integrity, and fairness.

·       Worked for pension reform in Lehigh County Government.

·       Will continue to monitor internal controls to keep Lehigh County fraud free.

Please consider the success we have shared together when you go to the polls and vote for these candidates on Tuesday, November 5th. This type of success can’t continue without your support.

View more info on our candidates by clicking here.


Giovanni Landi

Chairman, Lehigh County Republican Committee