Biden falsely tells young voter that he ‘Became a Professor’ after leaving the Senate

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In yet another confusing and gaffe filled live stream, Joe Biden falsely claimed that he ‘became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania after leaving the Senate’.

Clearly, this is not true considering Biden left the Senate in 2007 and joined Barack Obama’s campaign to become Vice President from 2008-2016.

We aren’t sure what is more sad about this situation. The fact that Biden doesn’t even remember running for Vice President? Or the fact that the young voter who Biden was live streaming with just shook his head in agreement and didn’t know better to challenge the former Vice President on his false claims.

Watch the interaction below:

Biden’s claim that he “became a Professor” after leaving the Senate is untrue for multiple reasons. It wasn’t until 2017 when Biden left the Obama Administration, that the University of Pennsylvania announced on their website that Biden will become “the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor”. Not after he ‘left the Senate’.

Biden’s claim that he “spent a lot of time’ on campus with college students isn’t even backed up by his own former spokeswoman, who said back in 2017 that “He [Biden] wont be teaching classes at all” and that Biden will not be spending any time on the actual campus.

It’s a proven fact that “Professor” Biden never actually taught a class.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reported in 2017:

“We are thrilled to have Vice President Biden here at Annenberg,” Annenberg Dean Delli Carpini said in a statement. “Although he is not scheduled to teach a formal course at this time, we are certain that there will be opportunities for our students to benefit from his presence at Penn.”

In fact, a spokesperson for the former vice president said Biden won’t be teaching at all.

“He will not be teaching classes,” Biden spokesperson Kate Bedingfield told The Daily Pennsylvanian on Tuesday morning. Biden’s work with Penn will be based out of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, Bedingfield added.

Was Biden lying in order to relate to the young voter? Or is he genuinely confused about his own personal story? If Biden does believe that he “became a professor” and “spent a lot of time with students” then he is clearly suffering from some sort of mental illness or delusions.

Thomas McDonald

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