President Trump gets highest approval rating in three years amid Coronavirus pandemic

The American people have spoken, they approve of President Trumps handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The President saw a 5 point jump in the latest Gallup survey bringing his current approval rating to the highest it’s ever been. The survey also reported that a majority of voters have a positive view of how the President has handled the Coronavirus pandemic.

The poll finds that President Trump’s overall job approval rating is at 49%, up from the same survey taken earlier this month. The President’s 49% job approval rating matches his highest point back in January when he was acquitted by the Senate in the Democrat impeachment scam.

The President’s high job approval rating has remained steady among Republicans (92 percent), but unfortunately for Democrats, he’s gained 8 points among independents (43 percent) and astonishingly gained 6 points among Democrats (13 percent).

It clear that the American people trust President Trump when it comes to dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, not Joe Biden.

Democrat front-runner Joe Biden has had a terrible week since moving his campaign to all digital. Most famously, CNN’s Jake Tapper had to interrupt the former Vice President while he was speaking about Coronavirus safety, and inform him of the proper way to cough. Tapper interrupted the segment to physically show Biden how to cough into his sleeve and not into his hands, which Tapper called ‘the old school way’. Biden didn’t appear to appreciate the correction. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Biden also had a hard time keeping up with his own teleprompter during a live stream on his Social Media account which caused him to appear confused and make multiple incoherent statements.

Whatever the reason, it appears that Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus response is behind the approval rating bump. Sixty percent of voters overall said they approve of the job Trump is doing to address the epidemic, including 94 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 27 percent of Democrats. These numbers are devastating for the Democrats as they falsely try to accuse President Trump of failing to address the crisis.

Read the full Gallup poll here.

Thomas McDonald

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