Latino Republicans of Lehigh County Launches

Latino Republicans of Lehigh County Launches

Latino Republicans of Lehigh County officially launches in Allentown Pennsylvania.

“Democrats don’t own us” is their slogan according to the new group, Latino Republicans of Lehigh County. The new political group focused on attracting more Latino support in Lehigh County, mainly the city of Allentown says that Democrat’s have failed them over decades of being in power. Their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages focus on the many failures of Democrat politicians to improve the lives of Latino American’s despite what they call ‘endless promises’ from Democrats.


The group is also clear about it’s support for President Donald J. Trump who they say has fulfilled his promises to their community. Looking at the numbers, they aren’t wrong. Despite the main stream medias attempts to cover up President Trumps achievements, it’s indisputable that Trumps policies are working for all Americans, especially Latino’s. 


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hispanic and Latino unemployment has hit the lowest point ever during Trumps Presidency at 3.9% (Sept. 2019) and currently sits at 4.2%. During the Obama administration Hispanic and Latino unemployment hit near records highs. For example, in August of 2009 Hispanic and Latino Unemployment was 13%. The number never fell below 6% during Obama’s time in office. Donald Trumps unemployment numbers speak for themselves and when compared to Obama’s numbers, its clear that policies matter. 

With Hispanic and Latino unemployment hitting record lows, its no wonder why groups like Latino Republicans of Lehigh County are popping up all over the country. Their social media presence is also surging, garnering hundreds of followers on various pages in only a few short days.

Latino Republicans say that Trump is not only fulfilling his promises with regards to the economy, but also crime, education and other important issues.


You can follow Latino Republicans of Lehigh County on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Join the movement today and find out why, Democrats don’t own us!


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