Press Release: The following statement is issued on behalf of LCRC Chairman, Glenn Eckhart regarding the U.S. Senate’s Acquittal of President Trump

Allentown, PA — The post-presidency impeachment proceedings were unconstitutional and disgustingly partisan. These proceedings did nothing to unify or help the American people and only goes to show the radical agenda of a Democrat controlled government. Instead of focusing on helping the Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic, the Democrats have chosen to divide our country yet again. 

Alongside many others in our committee, I share the disappointment in Senator Toomey’s vote during these proceedings. Despite the Senator’s vote, our constitution prevailed with a vote for acquittal. 

I hope we can turn our attention to reopening our schools, creating jobs, and fixing our broken election system. Electing Republican candidates at every level from PA Supreme Court to School Board will help make that happen in 2021. We are asking all Republicans to come together and let’s get to work.

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